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Credit where credit is due

A few weeks ago, after being prompted by the Open Rights Group, I wrote to my local MP Linda Riordan regarding plans for new legislation that would cut off the internet connections of those suspected of file sharing. Basically, I am worried that the plans are too heavy-handed, that those suspected of file sharing would not have sufficient legal discourse to defend themselves, and that cutting people off the internet completely would infringe their freedom of speech. In particular, I asked her to sign Early Day Motion 1913, put forward by Julian Huppert MP.

I didn’t expect to receive a reply, so I was pleased to receive a letter a couple of weeks ago in a Houses of Parliament envelope. The letter I received is shown here; not only did she acknowledge the email but she also agreed to sign the EDM.

So far another 105 MPs have signed it. Whether it gets noticed by the government remains to be seen. But I’d like to offer my personal thanks to Mrs Riordan for her response, for signing the EDM and for setting a good example for other MPs to follow.

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  1. What she didn’t say is that she didn’t have the courage to vote against the legislation when the last Government introduced the Bill. See