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Certified Gym Rat

Today I unlocked the Gym Rat badge on Foursquare which marks my 10th check-in to a gym in 30 days. As I don’t cheat on Foursquare, this means I’ve managed to get to the gym 10 times over the past month – the equivalent of once every three days.

So far my goal of losing fat around my stomach has only been partially achieved – there’s some way to go – but for possibly the first time in my life I have something resembling biceps on my forearms. I’ve never had much upper body strength, so this is a welcome change.

Christine and I are going to carry on going twice a week for the time being if we can. We have our gym reviews in a couple of weeks to review our rotations.

Also, we’re not going to follow the badge’s suggestion and have a nasty double cheeseburger with cheesy fries and a milkshake – today’s meal is a pigeon casserole.

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