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Foursquare Thursday – 4SQ Move

I almost didn’t write a Foursquare Thursday this week, due to a lack of time and shortage of ideas (next week will probably be another list of suggested improvements), but I was contacted by the developers of 4SQ Move┬áto ask if I’d consider mentioning their site, so here goes.

The site shows your Foursquare checkins on a map – a bit like 4sqmap already does – but it also calculates the distances travelled in between your checkins over the past month. Incredibly, even though I’ve not left the north of England over the past month, I’ve covered 1348 km (838 miles) – and 199 km (124 miles) in the past week alone.

It’s a little crude as it draws direct lines between venues – this means it gives the distance ‘as the crow files’ rather than by road or public transport, which will almost certainly be longer. But it’s still fun to find out just how far you’ve travelled.

To use 4SQ Move, you just need to allow the site to access your Foursquare account.

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