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As previously mentioned, I’m on Google Plus (who evidently haven’t made friendly profile URLs a priority), along with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,, Flickr and some others that I use less often. Most of my activity, however, revolves around Twitter and Facebook.

Google+ is certainly interesting and has potential – I can see it appealing to those tired of endless silly Facebook applications, or those who think Facebook has become unnecessarily complex. Certainly, by starting from scratch with its circles concept, Google has made it easier to select who you share information with, as well as taking a cue from Twitter in allowing you to follow people without being their friend. Facebook, of course, allows you to group friends but setting this up can be clunky – Google has made it much simpler.

The issue is that it’s yet another social network to keep up with. Facebook and Twitter already keep me quite busy, although TweetDeck is a real help. Unfortunately, TweetDeck on the iPhone only supports Facebook and Twitter (with passive Foursquare support) – there’s no Google+ support yet. In fact, I don’t think any third-party services have Google+ integration, but I think this is because Google doesn’t yet have an API for Google+ – a shame because having a good API was what helped Twitter find early success.

Of course, it may be that Google don’t want Google+ to be ‘yet another social network’ – i.e. just full of people who have their existing Facebook and Twitter accounts set to cross-post to it. Unfortunately, right now it just doesn’t fit in to my life, as I’ve invested too much in friends on Facebook and Twitter for it to be worth going out of my way to use it. Maybe I’ll make more effort as and when the likes of TweetDeck support it.


  1. You can use to make a shortened url ofr Google Plus, also it seems that the old links kick over to G+ (eg. (not trying to pimp my link but…) )

    Just a few suggestions…

  2. Yeah, while I’ve got an account, I don’t really know what to use it for. I already post snippets to Twitter so do I just cross post or only post some things to Google+ and some to Twitter? And what would be the point of that?

    I dunno, maybe once the dust has settled a little, the point of having FB, Twitter, a Blog *and* “yet another thing” to keep up with will become clear 😉