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Another random post, doo-dah, doo-dah


  • Christine and I have signed up for 12 month gym contracts, and have our rotations sorted. We’re looking to go at least twice a week for at least the next few weeks; the monthly fees are the equivalent of 5 gym sessions a month so as long as we do that as a minimum we’ll get our money’s worth. We’ve managed three times this week.
  • The Robin Ince gig was very, very good. He’s doing some shows around the country plus a stint at the Edinburgh Fringe. You should go and see him.
  • Because I’ve been pretty busy this week, there’s been no App of the Week or Foursquare Thursday. I’m hoping to get something together for next week if I can. I am starting to run out of ideas for Foursquare Thursday so I may only be able to do a few more weeks of it.
  • I’m on Google+, and have been for a week now. Haven’t really done much with it as right now my main social groups are Facebook and Twitter.
  • I’ve been posting quite a bit on Twitter about the News of the World phone hacking scandal but don’t feel as if I need to say anything much here, as other people have said all that there is to say. Still, I’m looking forward to changing.
  • I’m going to the Great Yorkshire Show on Tuesday. The last time I went was 2002, back when I was 18; when I was very young I used to go every year with my parents. Sadly Christine’s working and can’t get the time off so I’m going with friends instead.
  • Spotify is finally planning a launch in the US later this year. I’ve been using it for over 2 years and would definitely recommend it – though free accounts have recently been limited to 10 hours of streaming per month, it’s a great way to listen to new music legally for free, provided you don’t mind a few adverts now and then. If the music industry is as keen to clamp down on piracy as it says it is, then it needs to support services like Spotify.
  • I’m still not convinced that the new dashboard in WordPress 3.2 is an improvement, but I’d rather not downgrade. Oh well, better get used to it.

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  1. I joined Google+ yesterday and I’m not entirely sure what to use it for. Mind you I barely have time to keep up with blogs/flickr/twitter so not sure adding “yet one more thing” to check is a good idea.