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Meeting Maker on the iPhone and Thunderbird

At work, we use Meeting Maker as a calendar tool, especially when organising meetings (obviously). Without wanting to make comments about the program or the fact that my organisation uses it, sometimes it’s helpful to be able to view appointments outside of the program. I already use Lightning in Thunderbird, so to have all of my calendars in one place would be great; similarly I also want to have all of my calendars on my iPhone for when I’m not at a computer.

Note that this will enable read-only access to your Meeting Maker calendars, but you will still need to use the Meeting Maker application – either using the desktop application or Meeting Maker Web Access – to respond to invites and set up new meetings.

Your organisation will also need a relatively recent copy of the Meeting Maker server software, and have enabled web access. First of all, you will need to find the address for your organisation’s Meeting Maker Web Access servlet, i.e. but change the /diary/ part to /caldav/ or /mmcaldav/ (you may have to try both). Put this into your web browser, and log in. You’ll then be given a user ID (which will be different to the one you normally use for Meeting Maker) and a subscription URL.

Setting up Meeting Maker in Thunderbird

Screenshot of settings for Meeting Maker in ThunderbirdYou will need the Lightning addon, although as you’re reading this guide I’ll assume you already have it. Go to File, New and select ‘Calendar’, and then on the first page of the wizard select ‘On the network’ and choose ‘Next’. Make sure ‘iCalendar (ICS)’ is checked, and under Location paste the subscription URL, then click Next.

You’ll then need to log in using the user ID given to your earlier and your usual Meeting Maker password. Give it a name such as ‘Meeting Maker’, select a colour and then click Next, and then Finish. Your calendar should now show up amongst your other calendars in Lightning.

Setting up Meeting Maker on the iPhone

Screenshot of settings for Meeting Maker on the iPhoneNote: These instructions are for iOS 4.3 and above.

On the home screen, open the Settings app and choose ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’. Select ‘Add Account…’ and choose ‘Other’ from the list of account types, then ‘Add Subscribed Calendar’ (which should be the last option).

In the server, you need to enter the subscription URL in full, then click Next. Your iPhone will then tell you that you need a username and password, so enter those on the next screen – remember to use the user ID given to your earlier along with your regular Meeting Maker password. iOS defaults ‘Use SSL’ to on; if the subscribed URL starts with ‘https’ then you’re fine but if it’s ‘http’ then turn it off. Under ‘Description’, type ‘Meeting Maker’. Then click Next to have iOS validate it; the ‘Next’ button will change to ‘Done’ if everything’s okay. And that’s it – your Meeting Maker events will appear as a calendar in the Calendar app. You can configure its visibility by opening Calendar, and tapping the ‘Calendars’ button in the top-left.

It’s a little longwinded but should hopefully prevent you from missing that important meeting.

(this entry was updated in October 2012 with screenshots and some changes in wording)


  1. think it will work on my HTC as well? I tend to use the web based version when I’m out of the office

  2. Probably. Follow the first bit, then see if there’s any option to add an .ics calendar to it.

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