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Bits and bobs

Hepworth Gallery

Not feeling inspired enough to write a full post today, so here’s some bits and bobs.

  • Updated to WordPress 3.2 this morning, as it’s finally been released. It certainly feels faster but I’m not liking the new dashboard – the sidebar feels far too cluttered and needs spacing out more, and I don’t like the move to more serif fonts, especially on Windows as it uses Arial. It’s a shame – the dashboard in 3.1.x was really nice. Plugins seem to work fine bar the placement of the ‘Clear Cache’ button in WP-QuickCache.
  • Gym induction went well last night; managed to burn off almost 300 calories whilst there, according to the fancy machine. We’re back there on Thursday to sort out our rotations.
  • Tomorrow we’re off up the valley to Hebden Bridge for a gig with Robin Ince, best known for the show Infinite Monkey Cage on Radio 4. We saw him at Uncaged Monkeys in Manchester in May, where he was really good on stage, so figured this show should be good. It’s on a completely different subject – Uncaged Monkeys was all about science, whereas this show is about books (and specifically rubbish books).
  • I’ve been getting back into World of Warcraft again. After seeing my guild slowly disband over the past six months, and overall activity on my realm go down, I’ve paid the £15 fee for transferring my main character to another realm, where a number of my friends moved to a few weeks back. It’s a much busier realm, with shorter dungeon queue times, cheaper auction house prices and some actual friends to play with, although as it’s a PvP realm there’s also plenty of ganking going on. Still, despite the cost I’m not regretting the transfer – it’s been worth it.
  • After the recent scares surround malware on Macs, I gave Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition a spin to see what it’s like, as it’s currently free. It’s not bad, the interface doesn’t feel very Mac-like and it does significantly slow down your computer. In particular, I had to specifically exclude it from scanning the World of Warcraft data files or VirtualBox virtual machines as those became almost unusable. It’s early days so it may be that Sophos are able to improve it, but for now I’ve uninstalled it.
  • I know the odds are against me but I’d love to win something on Euromillions tonight…


  1. I still don’t see any need for antivirus on a Mac. The only Mac malware uses social engineering. As long as you are careful about what software your download/install, nothing sneaky will get in.

    This is not like Windows where installations used to get infected buy literally just plugging them into the network or spyware/malware gets secretly bundled with other software.

    • I’m inclined to agree; I mainly tried it because it was free, but to be honest I’d rather have the faster performance. I have ClamXav as well, to scan suspect files – but you’re right, most Mac malware uses social engineering which if you know what to look for can be easily avoided.