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Getting motivated to go to the gym

Mr Motivator 2
Photograph of Mr Motivator by Dave Tett, used under a Creative Commons License.

Since moving to Sowerby Bridge in November, we’ve been walking past a brand new gym and swimming pool which opened the weekend we moved in, with the full intention of signing up at some point. Unfortunately, that intention never progressed into an actual registration. Until now.

In about an hour’s time, Christine and I are off there for our induction. We both need to lose weight; when I lived in Bradford, my walk to work was half an hour each way, but with moving that’s been cut to around 15-20 minutes and consequently I’m getting quite a bit less exercise. Likewise, Christine is overweight and though she has dropped a couple of dress sizes in the time we’ve been dating she wants to go further.

At present, we’re not looking to formally join the gym, and instead pay each time; if we only go once a week it’s cheaper that way. Although I may join if I’m in a position to go 2-3 times a week, but primarily we want to go together and exercise as a couple, for moral support.

With a bit of luck, there’ll be new, slimmer Neil and Christine by the end of the year.

Also, Mr Motivator is 58 years old. Crikey.

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  1. Blimey, Mr Motivator is a name I never thought I’d ever hear again. Wow.