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App of the Week: PDF Split & Merge

I appreciate this is the second review of a PDF-related app in as many weeks (PDF Unlock was last week’s app), however this is an app that I’ve found very useful, particularly when dealing with images that have been scanned as individual PDF files.

PDF Split & Merge (or PDFsam for short) does what it says on the tin – allows you to split the pages of a PDF document into separate PDF documents, and allows you to merge multiple PDF documents into one.

But wait – there’s more! You can use it to re-order pages in PDF files, or rotate any pages that are at the wrong orientation. The outputted file can also be compressed to take up less space.

The program is free, open source and, as it’s written in Java, cross-platform, with packages for Windows and Mac OS X users. This does mean that if you use Windows, you will need to have Java installed (you probably already do) and that the application is a bit ugly and on the slow side.

A donation to the developer of at least €1 will get you access to an enhanced version which adds encryption and decryption of PDF documents and some other advanced features not present in the free version.

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