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App of the Week: PDF Unlock

Screenshot of PDF UnlockWhen you create PDF files, you have the ability to lock them so that they cannot be edited or printed without a password. But what if you’ve forgotten the password and lost the source document? Well, you may need a tool like PDF Unlock.

It uses two methods to open PDF files, and will save a copy of the document with the locks disabled once complete. Whilst the first method creates a complete copy of the original (but unlocked), the second, fallback method converts the document to images. Whilst this will be printable, it will be a large file (I tested this on a 150 page document and it ended up being around 60 MB), so it’s not so good for passing to other people.

It’s quite a simple tool – point it at a PDF file and let it do its work. It doesn’t need much configuration to get working.

The program is free, although donations are encouraged, and is suitable for Mac OS X Tiger (10.4) and above, on both Intel and PowerPC Macs.

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