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Summary of changes this week


Rather than post about each change I’ve made to the site this week, I’ve rolled them all up for this one entry.

First of all, I’ve enabled gzip compression on all pages using Apache’s mod_deflate (which was installed on the server but not active). This should make pages load a little more quickly as they’re sent in a compressed form. I’ve used it before but for whatever reason hadn’t enabled it recently.

Another method I’m using to make things quicker and prevent this site from a potential Slashdotting (not that it’s likely to happen) is installed the Quick Cache plugin for WordPress. It’s one of many plugins that caches the contents of your WordPress pages, rather than generating them on the fly when accessed, thus reducing load on the server and the database in particular. This is especially useful if your database becomes unavailable for some reason, which otherwise would mean your site is unavailable. I’m actually a little surprised that caching isn’t included in WordPress by default, actually.

The RSS Digest plugin is being used to post my Delicious links for the week every Saturday, hence why those showed up at the weekend despite me being on top of a hill with no phone signal. In all, I have 9 active plugins in WordPress now, which actually is less than I did in Movable Type and Melody, but then I haven’t been using it that long so I haven’t built up a collection yet. The others include Jetpack, Creative Commons Configurator which adds Creative Commons licensing information to my posts, including metadata for crawler bots, and Hello Dolly, of course.

Finally, I’m doing quite a bit of work with post tags. Unfortunately many tags were lost during the import from Melody to WordPress, and some of those that were imported were jumbled up (several tags got combined into one long one). So far, I’ve re-tagged all the entries from the past 3 years, but as there are 9 years worth of entries, and I used to blog a lot more back in the day, re-tagging everything may take a while.

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