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Back from the wilderness

South Bank

I’m back from my weekend away in the Wilderness – we stayed in a bunk barn in Dentdale, and out of the 10 of us no-one had a mobile signal for most of the time we were there. Considering it’s very, very sparsely populated this is not particularly surprising but slightly annoying when you briefly get enough signal to receive a text message saying you have a voicemail message but not enough to be able to access your messages to find out who called you…

It would also explain why no-one has ever checked in at Dent station on Foursquare. Although only around 8,000 tickets were sold to it last year so it’s not exactly a hive of activity.

Despite the not so brilliant weather, I managed to take a few pictures which will be uploaded to Flickr later this week. We didn’t get back until late last night, so I couldn’t do them then, and tonight I’m off to see Avenue Q at the Alhambra Theatre in Bradford (which I saw in the West End in London in 2007). I haven’t even seen this week’s Doctor Who yet…

You will also have noticed that I’m now posting my Delicious links here in a weekly digest, on a Saturday. I’m trying to get more of my stuff on other sites available here without overloading the blog with endless posts consisting of single images from Flickr or links. I’ll see what I can do other the next few weeks.

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