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With the move to WordPress,there are naturally a few things that are different. First of all, I’ve changed the theme again, to one called Atom which I’ve found from Gregor Smith. It’s very, very customisable without the need to get dirty with any code, and comes with a large selection of widgets.

Second of all, I’m no longer requiring you to have an account with a third party service in order to comment, to see how WordPress fares against spam. I’m just using the stock Akismet plugin for now, which seems to be keeping the spam out, and there’s less spam to deal with in general. I’ll see how things go.

Thirdly, I’ve installed the WPtouch plugin, which means there’s a very nice mobile version of the blog available for smartphone users.

Behind the scenes, the change to WordPress means I can use the WordPress iPhone app to write posts and edit comments. Theoretically this should make it easier to blog on the go and mean that I write more posts, but I can’t guarantee anything. However it does mean that any spam comments that slip through can be nobbled whilst I’m on the move and away from a computer.

As I explore WordPress more, expect to see a few other minor changes crop up from time to time.


  1. Oh, very nice… One quick heads up, the delicious bookmark links to digg, don’t ask me why, I had to manually change it

  2. Thanks for that – fixed the link as well.

  3. Welcome to the family. 🙂