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App of the week: ImageOptim

ImageOptim screenshot

This week’s app is ImageOptim – a small, simple app for Mac OS X that reduces the size of image files. You simply open the app, drag and drop image files onto it, and then it does the rest.

It’s ‘mostly’ lossless, in so far as after compression the image will look the same, but may be stripped of some of its metadata, such as EXIF tags on JPEG images. It can take PNG, JPEG and GIF images, included animated GIFs which bizarrely have made a reappearance of late on sites like SeƱor Gif.

The app is open source and includes several open source tools bundled with it, although it’ll also support PNGOUT if you’ve downloaded that separately.
I’ve been using ImageOptim to shrink all the screenshots that I use for App of the Week and it’s usually been able to make the PNG files at least 25% smaller, sometimes moreso. Though bandwidth on web servers is more readily available than it used to be, as is broadband internet at home, smaller file sizes are still desirable and this app makes it dead easy to shrink files.

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