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App of the week: Converter Plus

This week I’m going to review an iOS app for the first time. Converter Plus is just the sort of app that Apple probably should ship by default on its iDevices – put simply, it’ll convert units or currency (updating with the latest rates automatically). It’s great for people like me, who was brought up on the metric system but still has to have some concept of imperial measurements, especially when talking with older people, or countries like the US where imperial units are still prevalent (and slightly different to British Imperial units).

It comes pre-populated with the most popular conversions as favourites, but these can be edited, and there’s also a search feature. The app is free and supported by ads, but in an in-app purchase will get rid of them.

One Comment

  1. I use MultiConvert myself ( ) . Free, no ads, currency conversion (with rates updated when you want – no internet connection needed unless you force an update) and practically every conversion I can think of. No edit facility though (although I haven’t looked for one).