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Getting paid to do surveys – part two

Back in June, I wrote about how it’s possible to get paid to do surveys online. I focussed on the three services I used at the time – YouGov (referral link), e-rewards and OpinionBar.

Firstly, an update. In November, I finally received a £50 cheque from YouGov; it took me nearly 3 years to earn the 5000 points needed for the £50 payout. 5 months later and I’m around 900 points, so it’s likely that it will quite a long time until I get another payout. On e-rewards I’ve amassed over 8000 points, but still haven’t cashed them in yet. And on OpinionBar I’m up to £9, so one full survey short of the £10 payout. OpinionBar’s surveys are still few and far between, hence why it’s taken so long to get so little.

I’ve also since registered for two new services, and want to tell you about them.

First, there’s Valued Opinions. Of all the services I’m registered with, this has the highest rewards; I’ve been a member for barely 6 weeks and have already earned a £10 Tesco voucher, and have another £10 voucher coming soon (you can choose from around 10 shops, including Amazon). I’ve been receiving around two surveys a week, and most pay out at least £1; some as much as £7 but require more commitment, such as recording whenever you see a certain type of advertising over a week. If you only join one site, I’d suggest this one (and if you want a referral link, let me know and I’ll email you).

Then there’s OnePoll. You may get several surveys a day, although you may get screened out after a couple of questions. Rewards are smaller – around 15-20p per survey – but the higher volume means I’ve earned £5.35 in 6 weeks. Bonuses are also available if you sign up for services like Lovefilm. The payout is at £40 in cash or PayPal credit. There’s also an iPhone app, and completing surveys on there sometimes nets you a few extra pence each time, as well as getting push notifications when new surveys are available.

It’s a bit of extra cash, anyway.

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