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Money for old rope, or laptops

Side by Side
Later this week, I’ll be sending two old laptops to weeebuy, in the hope that they’ll reward me with around £100 in my bank account.
The two laptops are my 2006-era MacBook, and Christine’s 2003-era Toshiba Satellite. My MacBook has definitely seen better days, with some small cracks to the case, problems with the keyboard, ineffective cooling and short battery life. Christine’s laptop is, on the other hand, in very good condition, but is just too old and slow by today’s standards for it to be really useful.
weeebuy have quoted me £60 for the MacBook, based on the information I have provided, and £40 for the Toshiba. They’ll send a courier to my office to collect the items – free of charge – and then do a proper assessment of their condition. Should they be satisfied, I’ll get the cash.
Whilst I have been honest about the condition of the MacBook, it’s very possible that wee-buy will feel that it’s damaged to the point of being worthless. For both laptops, this doesn’t really bother me as they’re not really of use to anyone else, and therefore I don’t have much to lose, even if neither results in a payout.
I’ve heard some mixed reviews of weee-buy, with some getting the money promised and others not; as it happens, there are very few companies in the UK that will recycle items and pay you cash in return. I’ll let you know how I get on.

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