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30 Day Song Challenge Days 22 and 23

I managed to miss a day yesterday, so here’s yesterday’s challenge and today’s challenge in one post.

Day 22 was a song that you listen to when you’re sad, and I’ve picked “Just The Way I’m Feeling” by Feeder. While I wasn’t keen on the rest of the album it was taken from (“Comfort In Sound”), it’s a powerful track that conveys some of the feelings that the band was going through at the time. Apparently not readily available on Amazon, but you can download it from iTunes.

Day 23 is a song that you would want to play at your wedding, for which I’ve chosen “Shining Light” by Ash. Christine and I both agree that as and when we get married, it’s likely that we’d choose this song. Undoubtedly Ash’s finest song to date, and available from Amazon and iTunes.

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