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30 Day Song Challenge Day 19: A song from your favourite album

Day 19 of the 30 day song challenge is a song from your favourite album. At present, my favourite album is “The Heart of Everything” by Within Temptation, but as I’ve mentioned them before I’ll instead post my second favourite, “Black Sails At Midnight” by Alestorm and the single “Keelhauled”. This is their second album; the first, “Captain Morgan’s Revenge” had a few good songs on it but others were rather mediocre. Thankfully, they produced a strong follow-up with some really good songs, including “Leviathan”, “Black Sails At Midnight” and “That Famous Ol’ Spiced”, along with “No Quarter” (a cover of the theme to Pirates of the Caribbean) and “Wolves of the Sea” (a cover of a Latvian entry into the Eurovision Song Contest).

As you may have gathered, Alestorm’s music is very much pirate-themed, with a focus on drinking, pillaging and walking the plank, but they’re far from a novelty band. Their new album, “Back Through Time” is due out next month.

Purchase links:

Within Temptation – The Heart of Everything: Amazon iTunes
Alestorm – Captain Morgan’s Revenge: Amazon iTunes
Alestorm – Black Sails at Midnight: Amazon iTunes
Alestorm – Back Through Time: Amazon iTunes

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