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30 Day Song Challenge Day 11: A song from your favourite band

Day 11 of the 30 Day Song Challenge is a a song from your favourite band. My ‘favourite’ band tends to change from time to time, but right now it’s Within Temptation. I’ve chosen “Faster” as it’s from their latest album “The Unforgiving”, released yesterday, and it’s one of their better songs. My absolute favourite song of theirs is probably “Hand of Sorrow”, which is actually an album track from their fourth album “The Heart of Everything”.
Why do I like them? Their vocalist, Sharon, has an absolutely amazing vocal range, as this song demonstrates with its chorus, and their songs are very well-produced – if you listen with headphones, you can pick up a whole series of riffs and effects that give the songs a great depth and quality.
The video I’ve linked also contains the short film ‘Mother Maiden’. “The Unforgiving” is a concept album and the song “Faster” is about the character introduced in the short film that precedes the music video. All the songs are about characters or events in a comic book that comes with the album. While the phrase ‘concept album’ can strike fear into the heart of any music fan who is deterred by pretension, from what I have heard of the album so far it’s actually quite well done.

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