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Junk boat
One of the issues with switching to Melody is that quite a few of the anti-spam plugins for Movable Type no longer work. In particular, I can’t find a Melody-compatible version of Jay Allen’s Comment Challenge plugin, which was my main line of defence against comment spam. Similarly, Akismet doesn’t work and SpamLookup is flaky, so they have been disabled, so I’m reliant on TypePad Antispam, and even then it fails to work sometimes.
Right now, I’m getting spam comments at the rate of 1 per minute (to give you some idea, I had a spam comment on this entry within seconds of it being posted). With Comment Challenge, these were simply blocked, but they’re now being added to the database as spam, ready to be manually checked. And, unfortunately, some slip through the net and get published.
In the meantime, I’ve all non-authenticated comments. That means that you’ll need to log in using Twitter, Google, AOL or Yahoo to have your comments show. I’ve also closed comments on any entries more than 30 days old. It’s a regrettable situation that I know will put a few of you off, but it’ll do until the relevant plugins get updated.
Somewhat ironically, I’m off to see Spamalot at the Alhambra Theatre in Bradford tonight.

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