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Sneaky debt collection agencies

To Valley of Desolation
I’m thankful that I’ve never been on the books of a debt collection agency; though I’ve been in debt (and still technically have my student loan to pay off), it’s always been paid back before the nasty letters have started arriving.

That doesn’t mean I don’t come across them regularly. We regularly get junk faxes from these companies touting for business (whilst my employer does refer debtors to such agencies, it’s not done in my department). But I’m also the rather unlucky position of living in an apartment formerly rented by a debtor; as far as I’m aware he has unpaid credit card debts and an outstanding parking fine.

We’ve had a range of letters that we’ve returned as undelivered, stating that the addressee no longer lives here. But now we’ve had a postcard arrive with this on:

Please call Sally
on 0141 300 5464
Ref: [redacted]

On the other side, is the address – the card is simply addressed to ‘The Occupier’. It’s all in a handwriting font – whilst at first glance it does look handwritten, the letters are too ‘perfect’ for it to have been done by a human, i.e. all the ‘l’s and ‘a’s are exactly the same.

It’s only when you look at the very, very small print below the address which says that “2F is a trading name of Wescot Credit Services Limited. Registered in Scotland No. 84131” and their address. Evidently, it’s an attempt to get information out of us.

Best thing to do if you receive one of these cards and you know you don’t have any outstanding debts is to ignore it, or return it to the sender as undelivered mail. You’re not liable for them if they’re not in your name, and if these companies get your details – even just a phone number – you may get harassed for money that you do not owe.

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