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Foursquare Thursday – Foursquare resources

This is the third post in a series about Foursquare.
If you want to become more actively involved in Foursquare, such as finding out how to get more badges, or new brands to follow, there are a few web sites to take a look at. I’ve already mentioned the GetSatisfaction forums, which can be used for reporting errors and duplicate venues, but also for general help (although the official Foursquare Support site should be your first port of call for any problems). And I also talked about TidySquare for finding local venues which need editing.
There are at least a couple of blogs that are worth looking at and following. The first is the aptly-named About Foursquare which has news about the service (such as new versions of its various mobile apps), new badges and new brands that can be followed. There’s also a regular podcast as well. is also a blog, but it’s main feature of interest is its list of badges that are available. It lists all of the badges that you can currently obtain, both from partner brands and core ones from Foursquare, plus those which are no longer active. There are also hints about how to obtain them. is a similar site, and it too has a blog.
There’s also Foursquare’s official blog; whilst it sometimes mentions new badges it usually doesn’t give any clues about how to obtain them. You’ll have to leave that to the unofficial sites.
It’s well worth following these blogs if you want to get as many badges as possible, as some are only available for a short period of time (such as the New Years Eve or Groundhog day badges).

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