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A second visit to Blackpool Zoo

Just over a year after the last time, Christine and I went to Blackpool Zoo for a second time. I took some pictures. Christine doesn’t live in Blackpool anymore, so this was part of a visit to see some of her old work colleagues.
Visiting the zoo outside of peak season does have its advantages; it’s quiet enough to be able to ask the keepers questions about the animals, there’s no crowds so you get to see more of the animals, and the admission price is somewhat cheaper. As it’s a zoo and the animals need feeding every day, it’s open even in the depths of winters (it only closes on Christmas Day). The downsides are that there are fewer demonstrations and displays, and being outdoors you’re more at the mercy of the weather, although apart from being a bit cold this hasn’t been a problem the two times we’ve visited.
Those of your who follow me on Flickr will also be pleased to know that I’ve finally cleaned my lenses on my Canon EOS 300D and so there’s no more dark splodges on the top-right of the pictures.
Most of my Flickr uploads of late have been from my iPhone, mainly because I haven’t had many free weekends to go and take pictures but also because the iPhone’s camera is good enough for basic point-and-click photos, is always in my pocket anyway and less of an effort to lug around than a big DSLR camera. I’m not due to be at work over a weekend until mid-March so hopefully Christine and I will have some time to go somewhere interesting. And we’ve booked a long weekend break to Edinburgh in the spring as well, as we both have several days of annual leave to use up before the end of March (we use or lose it, basically).

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