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A bigger Dropbox, for free

A big box...
I’ve mentioned Dropbox on here a few times – right now I’m mostly using it to keep my 1password keychain synchronised between machines, but it’s also handy for making documents available on my iPhone with minimal effort.
You get 2 gigabytes of storage as standard, but you can very quickly grow this, up to a maximum of 16 GB. Here’s how:

  1. Complete the sign-up tour – Dropbox walks you through several common tasks when you first sign up – complete these and you’ll be credited with an extra 256 MB of space.
  2. Referrals – the main way to get extra space is to get your friends to sign up for Dropbox through referral links – here’s mine, for example. This will only work if the person signing up hasn’t used Dropbox before, and it will also detect if the person signing up uses the same IP address, in which case you won’t get any credit. You get 256 MB of space for every successful referral.
  3. Twitter and Facebook – if you use Facebook and Twitter and don’t mind a little shameless plugging, you can get up to 640 MB of extra space by linking your Dropbox account and tweeting/posting to your wall about Dropbox – using this somewhat-hidden link. It includes your referral link so you may get more credit if your friends or followers sign up.
  4. Educational extras – if you’re a student and have a .edu email address (and for UK students also works here), go to and put in your email address. Once it’s confirmed, every referral you receive will be worth 512 MB rather than 256 MB. Plus, it works retrospectively, so if you’ll get another 256 MB for every referral you’ve made before putting your .edu address in.

Right now I’ve boosted my storage to 3.88 GB, so that’s almost 2 GB of free space.

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