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Bundle all the way

If you’ve got a bit of cash handy and want to try some new apps or games, then there’s quite a few bundles available right now which offer several apps for a knockdown price:

  1. Humble Indie Bundle #2 – runs until Christmas Day – 5 independently developed games for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can pay as much or as little as you want (you can put in $0 but you’ll get a sadface). You’ll also get a code to be able to play the games through Steam on Windows or Mac at no extra cost.
  2. The Indie Mac Gift Pack – runs until New Year’s Eve – $60 buys you 6 apps including Delicious Library, MarsEdit and others. Mac OS X only.
  3. The MacUpdate December 2010 Bundle – runs until tomorrow – $50 for 11 apps including 1password (which I find indispensable) DEVONthink, Default Folder X and others. There’s also 2 extra free apps – Process and Image Tricks Pro – for tweeting the announcement and subscribing to the newsletter, with no purchase necessary.
  4. Indie iPhone Holiday Sale – not strictly a bundle but 6 independently developed games for the iPhone are reduced to 99ยข each (including Osmos, which is in the Humble Indie Bundle for desktop computers). Not sure how long it goes on for.

If you’re stuck for Christmas present ideas, or the recent bad weather has meant your presents are stuck in a warehouse somewhere, then you may be able to give one of these as a gift to a suitably geeky friend or relative. Either way, they’re a great way to get some really good apps for a very low price.

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  1. Thanks for the tip off on the games Neil. If you spend more than the average you also get the previous bundle for free too. As the current average is $7.81 – it’s a bargain.