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Full Google Calendar Sync on your iPhone

Update: In December 2012 Google made major changes to Google Sync which renders these instructions obsolete. Please see this new blog post with updated instructions.

At long last, I have finally got Google Calendar working fully with my iPhone.

The iPhone is designed around working with iCal on your Mac desktop and Apple’s MobileMe service (which costs $99 per year), so getting it to work with Google takes a little more effort. Google do have some clear guides but at the time of writing Google’s Mobile Help pages aren’t working for me, so all the links are from iPhone Download Blog instead.

The first article tells you how to add your Google Account to your iPhone, which mirrors Google’s own instructions. An important point is that you don’t select ‘Google Mail’ as the account type – you select ‘Microsoft Exchange’ instead. This may seem bizarre but unless you do it this way you won’t get the full range of features – you’ll only be able to view your own calendar (not any shared ones) and you won’t be able to invite guests to events.

That will get you up and running. At this point, I would also make your Google Calendar the default, so any new events got pushed to it. Otherwise, any events will only appear on your phone and iCal.

Next, if you need access to shared calendars, or if you have more than one personal calendar, follow these instructions. This involves you going to Google’s web site in Safari and adding any shared calendars that you need access to. They’ll then appear in the Calendar app on your phone.

This means that both Christine and I can view each others’ calendars, and modify them from our phones, despite us using completely different handsets from different manufacturers.

Technology is great, isn’t it?

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