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Things have been a little quiet here due to my house move. Thankfully, Christine and I are now settled in our new place, and mostly unpacked. (the picture above was taken before we started any unpacking)
We’ve opted for a flat, which is in a converted mill just off the main street in Sowerby Bridge. It’s on the fourth floor, which has the benefit of some gorgeous views across the Calder Valley (especially on a sunny day like today with snow on the ground), but the disadvantage that there’s a lot of stairs, and sadly the building doesn’t have a lift. It’s a very recent conversion though, and all of the fixtures and fittings are to a high standard; plus, it’s not that expensive to rent.
Although the unpacking is mostly done, we still need some furniture (namely wardrobes and shelves) to put some stuff away. But the essentials are there.
We don’t have a landline yet, so we’re relying on using tethering through my iPhone for an internet connection. Thankfully, 3 not only allows you to tether your iPhone to the computer to use it as a modem, but includes your usage in your monthly data allowance (1 GB for me), so it doesn’t cost extra. That being said, I’m using it somewhat sparingly until we get the landline enabled sometime in the next couple of weeks. As an aside, Christine’s Android phone lets her use it as a Wireless Access Point but I’m not sure if Vodafone will charge her extra.
We’re also stuck with just three analogue TV channels; Freeview hasn’t made it to this area yet and won’t do until September next year, and there isn’t a strong signal for Channel 4 or Five. Looks like we’re getting a Freesat box for Christmas.
Commuting-wise, the location of the flat is great – we’re within walking distance of Sowerby Bridge station, from which it’s only 20 minutes by train to Bradford direct. The trains are hourly most of the day but some extra services stop at peak times; certainly getting to and from work hasn’t been a problem. For getting around, an £80/month MetroCard ticket gets me on any bus and almost any train within West Yorkshire; it works out at approximately £4/weekday but we’ll be using it at weekends.
As for the town, it’s really nice. Sowerby Bridge is about 40 minutes by train from both Leeds and Manchester; consequently it’s a major commuter town and the local amenities cater for this. There are lots of really nice bars and restaurants, covering a wide variety of tastes and cuisines (Mongolian BBQ, anyone?), as well as the basics like banks, post office and a reasonably-sized Tesco.
Compared to the hustle and bustle of the city, I’m glad we moved here.


  1. Least you both get fit going up and down the stairs 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your move mate.