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Not dead yet

I mentioned a few weeks back about several services that had been popular in the past but were now shutting down: Vox, BlogRolling, Xmarks and Bloglines.
Unfortunately, Vox and BlogRolling both bit the dust at the end of September and October respectively. But the future is much brighter for the other two.
Xmarks has a new owner and will be launching a premium service in addition to the current free service, so it’ll be around for some time. I don’t currently use it, but seeing as I can only run Safari on my iPhone (and the Firefox Home app is a little clunky) having my Firefox bookmarks available in all browsers could be beneficial, so I may sign up.
And Bloglines has had a stay of execution. Presently it’s run by, part of the IAC group; IAC will still own it but it will be moved to another part of the business. Either way, it’s probably a big relief to those still using the service and who may have been apprehensive about moving to an alternative like Google Reader.
Finally, yes I know the picture at the top has nothing to do with this article but it’s a nice recent picture of Bradford, in the new and underutilised Urban Garden.

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