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Traffic light

Traffic Light I took this shot to see what the iPhone’s camera is like at night, and whether its HDR mode makes any difference.
While HDR makes the photo clearer, there’s still a lot of noise, which is a shame as it takes reasonably good photos in daylight. Looks like I’ll need to carry on using Neat Image for a little while longer then.
If anyone’s interested, Christine and I have agreed to rent a flat in a converted mill in Sowerby Bridge. We’re just awaiting the results of credit and reference checks, with a view to move in two weeks time.

One Comment

  1. regarding the noise, you just can’t beat physics. All phones have small lenses, and small sensors, so only so many photons can fall on each pixel.
    Too few pixels, and the current generated by light falling on the sensor is only comparable (and not several orders of magnitude larger than) the “dark current” caused by thermal noise.
    So, to get low noise images at night, you need to catch more photons. To do this:
    a) have a big lens
    b) bring your own illumination
    c) take long exposure photos
    Of course, c brings its own noise problems.