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VLC on the iPhone – get it while you can

Bad news everyone…
The lead developer of VLC has asked Apple to remove the VLC app from the iPhone App Store because of a GPL violation. Apple adds Digital Rights Management code to all applications downloaded from the store which prevents them from being shared freely.
This isn’t the first such case; another GPL-licensed application was taken off the store for the same reason. And the VLC app for the iPhone is essentially a fork which is not controlled by the lead developers of the main desktop client.
It’s a shame, really. I understand the concerns that the GPL is being violated, but it also serves a use on iOS devices which don’t have quite so comprehensive audio and video format support as some other devices do. While it’s technically a GPL violation, surely the benefit of it being available on iOS outweighs the minor issue of how it’s packaged. I assume the source code for the fork is available.
In any case, you might want to download VLC while it’s still available.

One Comment

  1. I’m guessing the GPL doesn’t allow licensing.
    Nobbins. By protecting “their” assets, Apple have killed off a useful program!