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Seeing as I haven’t got around to posting anything of any substance of late, here’s a video of me saying the word ‘aluminium’. This is because Dave2 likes it so much when Jony Ive says it.
And it gave me a chance to try the FaceTime camera on my iPhone 4.


  1. Ha. My girlfriend always likes it when I say aluminium the *proper* way. She always asks me to say it twice.

  2. You know what? I am totally going to start saying it the proper way too! If I can learn how to say “Luton Airport” correctly, then “aluminum” shouldn’t be a piece of cake!
    P.Ps You would be my best friend for life if you could track down Elizabeth Hurley and have HER say “al-yoo-min-nee-yum” on video!

  3. Ah, I wondered what the random clip was for.
    I did watch the Apple Event stream, but didn’t notice his pronunciation of aluminium… because it’s right ¬_¬
    Well, it is for us – most countries moved on to the spelling aluminium, but aluminum was the original name.
    I just had to correct my US spellchecker.
    And I must visit the US, where surely my (albeit Northern) British accent will be a bit hit.