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More iPhone apps

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I’ve already posted a list of apps that I’ve installed on my iPhone but here are some recent additions:

  • 1Password – this is the most expensive app that I’ve bought, costing £5.99. It’s a password manager and it synchronises with the equivalent desktop app, either by Wifi or using your Dropbox account. It allows you to launch Safari with passwords auto-filled, but means you can also view your passwords wherever you are. Handy if you use randomly-generated ones like me.
  • UK Map – another paid-for app that lets you view Ordnance Survey maps of the UK. Though they don’t have quite as much detail as the Landranger or Explorer maps, they’re useful when out walking. Walking routes are also imported from OpenStreetMap.
  • RAC Traffic – live traffic information, useful while driving long distances.
  • QR Scanner – a little app to read those square bar codes which often have web addresses. You open the app, take a picture of the code and it opens Safari with the URL.
  • Shazam – allows you to identify music that is currently playing. Open the app, hold the phone up to a speaker for a few seconds and it will tell you the name of the song and the artist. You can use it for free 5 times each month, or pay for an unlimited account.
  • Urban Dictionary – I may be (relatively) young but sometimes I have trouble remembering what PMSL means, for example. This app brings an accessible version of urbandictionary,com to your phone.
  • Converter Plus – a simple app to perform unit conversions. Great if you’re young and British like me, and were brought up using the metric system whilst people around you stick with old-fashioned imperial units.
  • Currency – dead simple app to convert between different currencies.
  • LinkedIn – not that I use it much, but there’s an official app for it.
  • Oyster – another really simple app to show the pay-as-you-go balance of your Oyster card. Also shows your journey history.

I’m now onto 4 menu screens full of apps.

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  1. I’m going to give the QR Scanner app a whirl.