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Getting Xmarks going again

I mentioned that the bookmark syncing service Xmarks was planning to close 3 months from now. Thankfully, the outlook for the service has brightened since the announcement.

According to the Xmarks blog, several companies have expressed an interest in buying the company’s assets, and they’re asking people to pledge $10-$20 per year to keep the service running on PledgeBank. So far over 14,000 pledges have been made, but it’s somewhat short of the 100,000 they’re hoping for.

It’s encouraging as Xmarks doesn’t have a direct replacement service – it’s the only service which can synchronise your bookmarks regardless of what browser you use. Google Chrome and Firefox’s built-in sync systems are not cross-browser, although Xmarks stated that 75% of their current users only use Firefox – probably because it started life as a Firefox-only extension called Foxmarks. Still, the service holds a niche not currently occupied by anyone else.

Xmarks isn’t a service I’ll use, since I only use Firefox and Firefox Sync serves me well, but I may be tempted to donate some money if it keeps the service going. It would be a shame for it to close if people find it useful.

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