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Please don’t comment about Lindsey Lohan’s handbag

Burnt out car
I’ve found that adding the words ‘handbag’ and ‘lohan’ to SpamLookup’s keyword filters improves its effectiveness against comment spam. Although I do have a variety of spam plugins, sometimes spam does creep through, hence these two additions. This does mean that mentioning these words will probably result in your comment being held for moderation.
For some reason, much of the spam at the moment is about Lindsey Lohan and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Now that would make an interesting couple…


  1. Since I installed the Comment Challenge plugin I haven’t had a single spam comment. I thoroughly recommend it.

  2. Li- that woman is regularly in the gossip news (cause her life is a wreck and their judicial system a joke).
    Those carry things are popular with women-folk, who I hear like to buy lots of them.
    The two combined recently, when That Woman gave some out… to the homeless. >_