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This is why I don’t pay for private healthcare insurance

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Last week, the site where I had my ‘arselump’ removed started to swell up and became very sore. Whilst visiting Christine in Blackpool, I called in at the Urgent Care Centre at the local hospital, since it would be at least Monday before I’d be able to see my own GP.
Despite not having an appointment, I was able to be seen by one of the GPs there almost straightaway, who diagnosed an infection and gave me a prescription for anti-biotics (Flucloxacillin 500mg for you Pharmacy geeks out there). Another 5 minutes at the Pharmacy counter and I was out. In all, I was there a total of 15 minutes, from arriving to walking out with the drugs in my hand. And all I had to pay was the £7.30 prescription charge.
It may not be perfect, but our National Health Service is still awesome. Let us never forget that.
(As for the swelling, it’s gone down now, although I still have to complete the course of anti-biotics)

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  1. Oh how I miss the days of the NHS. And totally unrelated, if I ever start a band, I’m totally calling it Arselump and pretending I invented it.