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eMusic – delving into the musical underground

Happy Life I
A couple of weeks ago, there was an offer on Groupon for a 6 month eMusic subscription for only £16. As I download (legally) quite a lot of music, and meant I got 25 songs for less than £3 each month, this seemed like a good deal.
Unfortunately I’m struggling to use up my free song allowance.
You see eMusic does not have the extensive catalogue of music that other digital retailers like Amazon, iTunes, 7digital, et al have. It’s been somewhat shunned by the major labels and so many big name artists like Lady Gaga are not on there. Some bands are on there but with a very limited catalogue of music – the odd album released on an independent label or an occasional song on a compilation.
But there are some less well-known bands on there and eMusic is very good at helping you find music that is similar to more famous bands that you may like. Consequently it’s actually quite a good way to hear music that you probably won’t find on the radio or in high street record shops. But it’s worth knowing this in case the service isn’t what you expect it to be.
Hopefully I’ll get my money’s worth.

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