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Leeds Station
I’ve had my iPhone for 5 days now and naturally have installed a few apps on it. Here’s a list of them so far:

  • Facebook – self explanatory. Some people have moaned that it’s not a very good app but seems fine to me.
  • Foursquare – having only joined on Wednesday, I’ve already become the mayor of somewhere. It’s fun and quite a few of my local friends take part as well.
  • Twitter – again, self explanatory. I can see why Twitter made Tweetie the official app as it seems very nice.
  • Skype – I’m a little peeved that it hasn’t been updated with support for the front-facing camera, but other than that it seems to work.
  • Nectar and Tesco Clubcard – two apps that basically do the same thing – check your points balance and show special deals. The Tesco Clubcard app also shows your clubcard barcode so you don’t even need your actual card.
  • Flickr – the official app is a little basic and it ignores the geotagging of pictures taken on the iPhone, instead tagging the location at which they were uploaded. Could be better, frankly.
  • Dropbox – Dropbox is already a good service, having iPhone access just makes it better. Follow this link if you want to sign up – it’s completely free and gives you at least 2 GB.
  • BBC News – a well-designed app, but it only covers the main news site and not the sport pages.
  • Remote – it’s a very old app for controlling iTunes DJ on your desktop. It still works well though, despite the icon looking a bit rough on the iPhone 4’s screen.
  • Flixster Movies – Flixster is already a useful service for sharing film reviews, but this app is great – it lets you view what’s on at your nearest cinema and watch trailers.
  • Windows Live Messenger – not bad but it’s quite a ‘busy’ app with a lot of features I don’t really need. I’ll probably replace this with Trillian.
  • Boxee Remote – lets you use your iPhone as a remote control for the Boxee Media Centre desktop application. It works over wifi which makes it a bit slow, though.
  • Train Search – a free app for checking train times and planning journeys. It uses the same data as the £5 National Rail Enquiries app and is provided by Crosscountry Trains. Seems to work well.
  • World of Warcraft Armory – lets you view character information, browse the auction house (paid-for version also lets you make bids), use the talent calculators and view item information. It’s a well-designed app and very useful.
  • – lets you listen to your radio stations and view nearby events but that’s about it. A bit limited.
  • Met Office – gives you a bit more information than the built-in weather app, such as maps for the UK and satellite maps.
  • Manchester Airport – this was very useful this weekend when picking students up. Lets you search flight arrival/departure times, and has a map and location of various facilities.
  • Tube Map – free app with a map of London Underground (and related services), plus a journey planner and service information.
  • Monkey Island 2 Special Edition – this is currently on offer for 99 cents (60p), but only for a limited time – get it now!
  • Red Dwarf Soundboard – a silly but fun 59p application which lets you play various well-known quotes from Red Dwarf.
  • Ask Dave – ask Dave a question and he’ll answer it for you! Designed by Dave of Blogography.
  • Dilbert – had a few issues with this not working but it lets you read the strips panel by panel.
  • University of Bradford – my employer’s official iPhone app, just launched today.

Any suggestions for any other applications I should try?


  1. The apps I use most frequently are:
    ToDo – a really rather excellent “to do list” app.
    AroundMe – so I can find almost anything near me restaurants, shops etc.
    Echofon – in the 12 months of iPhone usage I’ve tried almost every Twitter client – this is one I’ve stuck with.
    Droptext – integrates with Dropbox but allows editing of text files. So handy.
    Reeder – one of the best “synchs with Google Reader” feed readers I’ve ever used.
    CameraBag – photo editing app.
    Flickit Pro – different take on Flickr photo uploading/viewing.
    Instapaper – for when I want to flag an article to read later.

  2. Wow, that all wrapped horribly, each of those suggestions should have been on their own line 😉

  3. No app list is really complete without “Ask Dave!” is it? 🙂
    Most of my must-have apps are travel-related or camera-photo-related. I need to have more fun on my iPhone!