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Bloglines closing down

Bloglines is down!
Bloglines, a web site which allows you to subscribe to and read RSS/Atom feeds online, is closing on October 1st.
It’s a bit of a shame – I started using Bloglines almost exactly 6 years ago, and it was great to be able to read all of my feeds on one central web site. That being said, a couple of year later I moved to Google Reader and have stuck with it ever since, due to it’s better user experience. Bloglines never seemed to catch up and I only know a few people still using it now.
Even so, the number of people using feed readers is apparently falling, and according to paidContent Google Reader is also experiencing a fall in traffic. Whether this is because of feed features in desktop browsers like Firefox and later versions of Internet Explorer have become people’s preferred way of using feeds, or that people prefer Facebook or Twitter, I’m not sure, but it would seem that their popularity is waning.


  1. How ironic those falling figures are – I’ve just got (back) into using RSS feeds, Google Reader specifically!
    I don’t know how the feed reader in Firefox works, but GR seems to do the trick well enough.

  2. Bloglines was my RSS reader of choice for a while before I also moved to Google Reader a number of years ago. Maybe the drop is due to less people doing “old fashioned blogging” in favour of Tweeting random thoughts instead?

  3. I have foud it much easier to simply subscribe to feeds directly into Outlook and/or to deliver feed updates by email. This way, I do not need to open a browser and login to a feed-reader like Google or any other. Delivery of the RSS Feeds directly to Outlook work best, for me.