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If you use the rather wonderful Spotify, then Spotibot may just be useful to you. It uses Spotify’s API to generate playlists of music by artists or bands similar to those that you already like.

For example, type in ‘Within Temptation’, and you’ll get a playlist containing songs by Evanescence, Epic, Lunatica and Lacuna Coil, which you can simply drag and drop into the Spotify application.

But wait, there’s more! If you use, you can put your username in and it will generate a playlist of music derived from your recommendations and loved tracks.

Spotibot is also on Twitter – post a message on the lines of ‘@spotibot similar to Lady Gaga’ and it’ll suggest an artist that’s similar to Lady Gaga. You can also follow Spotibot and query it using direct messages, should you not want the world knowing you like Lady Gaga, and in return Spotibot will tweet a random album each day.

Unfortunately Spotify is not yet available in all countries and is notably absent from the USA, although Rdio may be offering a similar service there in future. It’s a shame because it’s a great way to listen to a huge variety of music totally for free, albeit with occasional adverts inserted between songs.

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