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Larkin with Toads

Larkin with Toads

Recently Christine and I went to The Deep in Hull – it was my second visit, but Christine has never visited Hull before. Part of my family is from Hull, so I know it quite well, but as they have all moved away over the years this was my first visit for some time.

Right now there is an event on across the city called Larkin with Toads. It’s to commemorate 25 years since the passing of poet Philip Larkin, who spent most of his life living in the city. Like Liverpool with its Superlambananas and Manchester’s Cow Parade, Hull presently has 40 fibreglass toads placed throughout the city centre. Each one has been decorated, so there’s a NASA toad, a business man toad and ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD.

If you want to visit the toads you’ll need to be quick. It’s around 8 weeks into a 10 week run, after which the toads will be sold off at auction.

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  1. Bath was doing lions.. was pretty cool 🙂