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Vest Pocket Kodak

Vest Pocket Kodak
This is a camera made by the Eastman Kodak company in 1917, as part of their ‘Vest Pocket Kodak’ range. It was given to me by Christine’s grandparents. I haven’t tried taking any pictures with it as it didn’t have any film in it; the film is apparently still available from specialist retailers though.
I gather that it gets its name from the fact it could fit in one’s vest pocket, as folded up it’s quite small – about the same size as a modern compact digital camera. One such Vest Pocket Kodak model has been up Mount Everest before.
I’m not sure quite what to do with it. I will probably ask the National Media Museum if they are interested in it, since they’re in Bradford and have a large photography gallery; however, several hundred thousand of these cameras were made and so it’s possible that they aren’t interested in it; nor will it make a lot of money second hand (examples in better condition are available for about £50 on eBay from specialist camera sellers). Still, I’ve taken a few pictures of it and may be willing to give it a worthy home if approached.

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  1. I believe Firda and I have one or two of these in our collection.
    You can indeed get film – though you’d likely want to use 120 film with the spools shaved down instead of buying 620 film which it likely uses.
    If you are planning on selling it try it on Ebay. Don’t expect to get a lot of money for it though – I think 50 pounds is highly overpriced for a camera that hasn’t been cleaned, lubricated and adjusted.