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App of the Week: Picture Finder

Yes, App of the Week is back, albeit temporarily, as I only have a handful of new apps to review.
Picture Finder
Picture Finder is a Mac application designed to help you find pictures for entries in your Address Book. Address Book lets you store a picture or photo with each entry – which is useful if you have an iPhone as you’ll be able to see the picture of the person who is calling you, for example.
Picture Finder queries the Gravatar service to see if a selected contact has uploaded an image to it, and, if so, lets you use this image as their picture. If they haven’t, then you can instead select a computer generated image, such as a Wavatar, Identicon or MonsterID which is generated from the user’s email address. Alternatively, you can have Picture Finder generate a QR Code or a picture based on the contact’s name.
It’s useful if most of your contacts are of the geeky sort who regularly comment on blogs and therefore have a Gravatar, or if you like all of your friends to be represented by cute cartoon pictures of monsters. If not, then this program is of less use.

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