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As those who follow me on Twitter will know, I’ve removed myself from three social networks this week.

First of all, there was Orkut. Over two years ago I’d mentioned that I hadn’t logged into to Orkut in months, and I’ve probably logged in maybe once or twice since then. None of the people I regularly communicate with use it anymore, having moved on to other places. So, that was the first profile I deleted.

Next was Naymz. Again, back in April I mentioned I wasn’t really getting anywhere with it and to date I still only ever had two connections. Furthermore, not one person has ever visited my profile. I’m having much better luck on LinkedIn, where I’ve added my 50th connection this week and still get requests from people I know. Namyz also try to push their premium service at every opportunity, which is frankly annoying.

And most recently I deleted my Plaxo account. I’ve never really mentioned Plaxo on this blog much, which is a shame because it’s quite useful – essentially it allows you to keep a central address book ‘in the cloud’ (i.e. on and then have your email clients and address books synchronise with it. As well as supporting Outlook, Thunderbird and the Address Book app on Mac OS X, it also supports many popular webmail services like Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail.

That being said, I stopped using it September last year as their OS X client wasn’t compatible with Snow Leopard, and I could achieve the same thing with Google Contacts. OS X has support for Google Contacts built-in, and the Zindus extension adds Thunderbird support. While it doesn’t sync to Hotmail, that’s no great loss as I only use my Hotmail account for Windows Live Messenger.

The main reason why I’ve deleted these accounts is because I don’t want them to rot. Plaxo in particular had all my contacts and the others had a lot of personal information about me – if I don’t bother to log in regularly and someone manages to gain access to my account, not only will they be able to gain information about me but I also probably won’t be aware of it.

I’m seriously considering deleting my MySpace account next, as I haven’t used it for months either. And I’ll probably ditch Friends Reunited as well. And as for Bebo, I never registered for it in the first place.


  1. That’s unlikely as I actually use Facebook. Same with LinkedIn.