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Notes on Morecambe

As I mentioned yesterday, we went to Morecambe for the day – it’s a small coastal town in north-west Lancashire, close to the border with Cumbria. Pictures will be uploaded to Flickr later this week.
We went by train – there’s a shuttle service from Lancaster twice an hour and a few direct trains from Leeds each day, but there are also regular buses from Lancaster bus station too. The train station is set back from the sea front – an earlier station on the front was closed in 1994 and having been restored now houses a pub, the tourist information office and an events venue – but there’s a path which leads to the promenade. The paving on the path has various popular poems written into it in a modern art style – worth a look.
We did the quieter southern end of the town first, unintentionally. There’s not much around there – a closed theme park (although a large tower remains in use as a mobile phone mast), and a seafront public garden. Then there’s the Eric Morecambe promenade which takes you for just under a mile towards the next town of Heysham which is the local port. The paving here includes occasional slabs which detail Morecambe’s history – it starts from the Heysham end heading towards Morecambe though. It’s very nice, and makes for a good, quiet walk.
The main town has the Winter Gardens, which looked rather closed when we went past, and the statue of Eric Morecambe, which was surrounded by people with cameras. There’s also the stone jetty, which is the sole surviving pier in the town and used to house yet another train station which met ferry services – these no longer operate, but the station building survives as a café.
Evidence of busier times gone by is all over the town – it originally had two piers, both succumbing to fire or bad weather, and the aforementioned theme park closed around a decade ago. However, the fact that it is quieter than its nearby neighbour of Blackpool makes it more pleasant, and no doubt attracts a higher class of tourist who isn’t so interested in the tackiness that exudes from most of Blackpool’s seafront. It’s certainly somewhere I’d consider living in, as it’s close to Lancaster and seems quite quiet, with magnificent views across Morecambe Bay towards the Lake District with its mountains and forests.
It was a good day out, and I’d recommend it to anyone fancying somewhere for a quiet stroll.


  1. Glad you hada nice time, looking forward to seeing the pictures.
    I moved to Morecambe 6 years ago, and love living here.

  2. “… and I’d recommend it to anyone fancying somewhere for a quiet stroll.”
    And as a resident of Lancaster since 1993, who regretably has to visit Morecambe occasionally for work or en route to the much nicer village of Heysham, I wouldn’t recommend visiting Morecambe. 😉

  3. I have a funny feeling my Mum & Dad took as to Morecambe when we were kids. I think.