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Getting paid to do surveys

Most normal people like getting free money. This includes me. One of the ways of getting free money (or free stuff) is by completing surveys, and, if you’re based in the UK, there are at least 3 web sites that let you do this. I’m posting about my experiences with each here.


YouGov is the first one that I registered with in January 2008. For each survey you complete, between 50 and 100 points is credited to your account, and each point is worth a penny. You can withdraw your points in cash when you reach 5000 points, or £50.
You’ll get at least one survey per month, although this may only be the monthly ‘Oracle’ survey. This doesn’t reward any points but completion puts you in a prize draw to win a cheque for up to £1000, and I’ve sometimes found the answers that I’ve given lead to further surveys which do award points, so they’re worth doing. I usually get one survey that awards points each month.
Since January 2008 I’ve amassed a little over 4000 points, so I may get my £50 cheque by the end of the year. To be frank, there are better ways of making £50 in three years, but it’s free money. There’s also a referral scheme, and if you sign up using this link I will get extra credits.


I’ve been with OpinionBar for a few months. So far I’ve been offered surveys every couple of weeks, each offering £1 as a reward. Unfortunately most I’ve not been ‘eligible’ for, based on my initial answers, and therefore only receive a token 10p for taking part.
I’ve also experienced technical problems with their web site timing out during surveys, and ended up having to start them again. I’ve given up on two occasions now and as a result only have 40p to show for my efforts over the past few months. Withdrawal is at £10.


e-Rewards is a bit like Mordor in that you can’t just walk into it. You have to be invited by one of their sponsors, which are primarily airlines (BMI, KLM, Air France, Delta, Continental, Virgin) as well as the Intercontinental Hotels Group who own Holiday Inn, and Hertz car rental. I’m a (rather inactive) Holiday Inn Priority Club member, and was invited about 18 months ago.
Rewards are points which can then be redeemed for rewards with its partners – 3000 e-rewards points gets you 1000 Priority Club points (which is 1/5 of a free breakfast at a Holiday Inn). Surveys grant you around 300 points for completion, or 10% if it decides you’re not eligible based on your initial answers, which seems to happen in about two thirds of cases for me. Past experience suggests that you’ll do well if you don’t work in advertising, shave using a wet razor and drink on-tap lager in pubs.
I’ve just passed 3000 points but will be waiting until I amass some more, since I haven’t stayed at a Holiday Inn for some time.


  1. I use erewards – I was fortunate to get an invite from gamestop (computer game shop) which has the advantage of being able to get gift cards for the shop as a reward (the downside is you get one per quarter and lose half the value – ie a $25 card costs $50). However I get a card almost once a quarter so its not a lot of money but it doesn’t take long to rack up the points.
    I also do a few US based surveys now – one of them does product reviews so I get free samples of upcoming products – which is pretty good.
    If you want to betatest products then I’d also recommend – I’ve beta tested routers, scanners, cameras, phones, roku and most of the time you get to keep the device if you’ve participated properly in the beta test. This is available in the US and the UK so I’d highly recommend it – you won’t get picked for every test they run – but just be patient and keep trying.

  2. You might like to mention that you can offer invitations to YouGov:
    “For each new member that signs up via your personalised registration link, you will receive equivalent amounts in survey credit for each survey they complete during their first three months of membership.”
    I’m afraid I didn’t know that until I’d already registered. 🙁

  3. Thanks, NRT – I’ve updated the post with a referral link.

  4. Blimey I must really live in a cave, I had no idea you could get paid for taking surveys.