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All bar none

I really hope that I will soon be able to post a more positive article about my adopted home town of Bradford. Alas, this isn’t such a post.
The Love Apple
Photo of The Love Apple by Andy Howell, CC licensed
Over the weekend, a bar called The Love Apple closed down. It’s been open for 13 years and is sited in the West End, an area around the Alhambra Theatre which has several bars and clubs. It was one of the few independently-owned venues in the city, and as well as being a café serving food during the day also served as a night club and music venue on an evening. I was in there on Friday and its closure has come as a surprise and shock.
Unfortunately it’s just the latest bar in the West End are to close. Walkabout, the Australian-themed chain bar, closed in October (the parent company of the chain has had financial issues so closed its weaker outlets which included Bradford). Gasworks, a nightclub focussing on rock and alternative music, moved to a smaller venue elsewhere in the city centre earlier this year. And a couple of months ago, the student chair bar Varsity closed its Bradford venue, again after being open for several years.
A new nightclub opened last month, called Mode, however, unlike the 3 bars that have closed down it’s not open during the day. The area is now very quiet during the day, with just Wetherspoons and Revolution open (both big national chains). Some other clubs remain (Tokyo, Coco/Crystal and Ché Bar) but they’re all nightclubs and not open until the evening.
This has all come in a time when the city centre bars haven’t had to compete with the university’s student union – the student union building was closed in June last year for rebuilding, but will re-open this September with new bars. Ironically both Walkabout and The Love Apple have been used to host student union events in the absence of their own venues.
It’s a shame – when I came to Bradford in 2002, this area was busy in the daytimes as well as at night.


  1. Is Delius still open? Had a few good breakfasts in there 🙂 How about Dunkers? Nice butties. Unfortunately, I can’t really see any reason why we’d visit Bradford again now to be honest. Well, apart from maybe a curry at Omars or a chicken tikka in naan from Royal Balti next door. That’s about it. Shame really…

  2. I was a student in Bradford in the 1980s.
    Over the last few years I’ve visited Bradford for the odd day just to look around.
    I only found the Love Apple last year which served great food at lunch time – on my last visit in June I saw that it was closed.
    I’ve never really found anywhere else that serves good food at lunch time.