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Haute Cuisine

As a birthday treat, Christine took me to The Box Tree last night.
The Box Tree is one of only a few restaurants in the north of England to have a Michelin Star, as well as a variety of other accolades. As someone who has never been to such a place, my visit was filled with both pleasure and a lot of nervousness. Compared to the friendliness of mainstream restaurants, this was a distinctly formal affair.
On the plus side, it was a lot easier to relax after around half of a bottle of Vin de Pays d’Oc.
Of course, it’s all about the food, which was exemplary. The menu often changes and as such the web site only shows a sample menu. My main course was a shoulder of lamb served on casoulet base, which was lovely.
Such experiences are pricey and a three course meal for two with wine did – just – break into a three-figure sum. It’s not something I’d do every night but it made for a fantastic birthday present.

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  1. As someone who, equally, has never been to such an establishment and possibly is even less qualified to survive in one, I too found it both a pleasure and a lesson in the finer civilities of terror.
    The highlight of the food was the main course (lamb on a cassoulet base).
    My most entertaining moment was trying to convince the wine waiter that I really did not need a glass of white wine to go with my starter as I was already quite tipsy with the sherry and was not looking forward to the after effects of the large bottle of red wine Neil had so expertly ordered to accompany the main course. Hopefully I managed this without looking neurotic or, as I was feeling, utterly terrified of the Frenchman.
    The best part was seeing the smile on Neil’s face.