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Ferrari owner gets roflpwn3d…

Picture by bube09 under CC license – a car similar to the one seized
You’d think that the owner of a highly desirable car which is worth £90,000 would have car insurance. You know, just in case something bad happened to it.
Apparently not.
The guy who was stopped driving his Ferrari Modena in Bradford was instantly given a £60 fixed penalty notice and 6 points on his license, and faces a £200 fine as well. And had his car seized by the police.
He has a short period (probably 14 days) to obtain insurance in order to get his car back. If he doesn’t, his car will either be sold at auction, or crushed and sold for scrap metal.
Of course, if he does get insurance, he’ll have to pay more – having 6 points on his license and a conviction for not having insurance before will push his premiums up. It may well have been cheaper to have had insurance in the first place, rather than pay the penalty for being caught without it.
Uninsured cars are a serious problem in Bradford – a survey late last year suggested that almost half of the cars on the road in certain districts of the city were not insured. Thankfully the police have had more resources to tackle the problem of late and have been more pro-active in prosecuting people and taking their uninsured cars off the road – a number have even been crushed, sometimes right outside people’s homes.
Accidents involving uninsured drivers are one of the main reasons that car insurance is so expensive – it includes a levy to compensate those involved in accidents with uninsured drivers. If everyone who owned a car which is on public roads in the UK had car insurance, then there would be no need for this levy and so all drivers would have lower premiums. In any case, if your car is on a public road, it must be insured – if it’s not, you may well lose it.
(By the way, the title of this post is a lame excuse for me to use the phrase ‘roflpwned’ in a title of a blog post. It means ‘beaten in an amusing way’)

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