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The absurdity of international music rights

You would think that buying a 2004 single from one of America’s biggest selling Christian rock bands would be simple. In this case, you’d be wrong.

I came across this video yesterday via and after liking the music used I wanted to buy the track to be able to listen to it on my iPod. The problem is that the album it’s taken from was apparently never released in the UK and the only way to buy it would be to purchase the whole album on CD from Amazon, for £15. Not one music download store has the song for download. Spotify firmly tells me that the album isn’t available in this country.

Of course, it’s widely available on file sharing networks which tend to disregard international borders. But downloading an unauthorised copy is illegal and doesn’t result in any royalties being paid to the artist.

I’m happy to pay money for this song. Why can’t I download it legally?

No wonder the music industry is screwed.

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